Medical Services

Our group of profoundly qualified a​​nd experienced dermatologists and medical caretakers give administrations

To treat and deal with an extensive variety of skin conditions, including however

Not constrained to, skin inflammation, hives, psoriasis, moles and dermatitis.


The MedxClinic has numerous claims to fame all under one rooftop.

This empowers our dental and dermatology restorative groups to work intimately with specialists from other administration

Lines in the doctor’s facility and guarantee our patients get a comprehensive way to deal with meet their social insurance needs.​

Medx clinic Laboratory is equipped for performing more than 650 unique tests. For the accommodation and help of patients and social insurance suppliers, round the clock benefits are furnished with guaranteed elevated requirements for the two inpatients and outpatients. The Medx clinic research facility not just takes into account our outpatients, inpatients and Outside referral patients but at the same time is an asset for different healing centers, playing out an assortment of tests for them.

On the off chance that you are ever harmed or turned out to be sick due to your activity, we’re here to give you the care and bolster you’re qualified for under Medxs clinic work environment wellbeing and protection framework. That incorporates benefits, and additionally other help, for example, come back to work help

Checking your Employment and Drivers Medical wellbeing is the best advance you can take in getting and dealing with any potential ailment from the get-go. Regularly, setting aside a few minutes for your Employment and Drivers Medical wellbeing is most minimal on the need of activities. This is the place our Executive Clinic can venture in and help you. The Executive Clinic are far reaching and conveyed at a quickened pace

Our neurologists offer an extensive variety of current, particular and exhaustive projects that incorporate yet are not restricted to analyze and treat, stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, neuromuscular, development issue and cerebral pain patients


Every patient accompanies their own particular special issue and our specialists comprehend this. They will work with you to build up an individualized treatment design. Our restorative groups comprehend that Mind and Brain maladies can incapacitate and much of the time the patients and their families may require extra help. Consequently, our therapeutic groups have encouraged different patient care groups, where patients and their families can meet and converse with other people who are confronting comparable circumstances.


Our mastery goes past conveying the best therapeutic care. Research is a necessary piece of the Service Line and our specialists have on the whole distributed more than a hundred research papers in both national and global diaries

Expectant mother and their soon-to-be child can expect the highest level of prenatal care by our qualified physicians.

Prenatal services are offered to give you the best possible start and to deal

With any issues concerning you or your baby that may arise during your pregnancy.

We provide postnatal and post-delivery care as well. Our services include:



.BP Monitoring


.Fetal Heart Rate Check

.Urine Check

Inoculation is a minor medicinal for your wellbeing method that decreases or kills the danger of getting a focused on ailment. In the event that the sickness is infectious, an immunization can likewise decrease the danger of ailment in individuals with whom the inoculated individual comes into contact


Anti-Malarial Drugs

TwinRix® Vaccines

Diphtheria and Tetanus

Hepatitis A or Hepatitis B separately